(Niall's second cousin's wife, twice removed)

Generation of Niall's Great-Grandparents
2174.   DAVID ARTHUR SHEPPARD (Alice's father).
2175.   MATILDA BRAZIER KIPPIN (Alice's mother) was born in 1849 in New South Wales, Australia to James Kippin and Eliza Miles, as shown within family tree 513.
David Arthur Sheppard married Matilda Brazier Kippin. They had one daughter:
Alice Minna Sheppard in 1877
This family is shown as family tree 513.

Generation of Niall's Great-Great-Grandparents
2176.   JAMES KIPPIN (Alice's grandfather).
2177.   ELIZA MILES (Alice's grandmother) was born to Thomas Kippen and Ms. Eliza, as shown within family tree 513. Eliza died in 1860 in Richmond, New South Wales, Australia.
James Kippin married Eliza Miles. They had one daughter:
Matilda Brazier Kippin in 1849
This family is shown within family tree 513.

Generation of Niall's Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
2178.   THOMAS KIPPEN (Alice's great-grandfather).
2179.   MS. ELIZA (Alice's great-grandmother).
Thomas Kippen married Ms. Eliza. They had one daughter:
Eliza Miles
This family is shown within family tree 513.