CAIRNS, Helen and HUTCHESON, William Bell
CAIRNS, Margaret Barrie and BARCLAY, Robert Stewart
CAKEBREAD, Mr. and BROOKS, Caroline
CALDER, Elizabeth Hood and BRYCE, William Miller
CALDER, Georgina and ROSS, Richard
CALDER, Janet and FOYER, Andrew
CALDER, John and MONRO, Isabella
CALDERWOOD, Agnes and DICK, Alexander Finlay
CALDWELL, Margaret and ALEXANDER, William
CALDWELL, Mary and MUNDY, Neil
CALOW, Honora and CALOW, John
CALOW, John and CALOW, Honora
CALOW, Sarah and DENMAN, Alfred John
CAMERON, Donald and STEWART, Isabella
CAMERON, Isabella and KIRKWOOD, Robert
CAMERON, Mary and MUNDY, John
CAMPBELL, Catherine and MACKAY, William
CAMPBELL, Eliza and SMITH, James
CAMPBELL, James Wright and ALLERDICE, Elisabeth
CAMPBELL, Malcolm and RENDALL, Jane
CAMPBELL, Margaret and MACDIARMID, Robert
CAMPBELL, Mary and LAWRIE, George
CANHAM, Alfred and JORDAN, Emma
CANHAM, Daniel Rouse and LAMBERT, Charlotte
CANHAM, James and BALDRY, Elizabeth
CANHAM, Louisa and BIRD, James
CANHAM, Sarah and BIRD, Charles
CAREY, Elizabeth Agnes and HUTCHISON, James Horsburgh
CARMICHAEL, Isobel and NEISH, Adam Gordon
CARMICHAEL, James and YOUNG, Isobel
CARMICHAEL, Margaret and ROBERTSON, Alexander
CARMICHAEL, Margaret and SHIACH, William
CARR, Sydney William and DEAS, Euphemia Almaria Jackson
CARR, Walter and SALKIND, Dinah Rachel
CARRAGHER, James and MILLS, Elizabeth
CARRAGHER, Martha and LAWSON, John
CARRICK, Janet and BARCLAY, John
CARTER, Living and ALSFORD, Living
CASKIE, Agnes and LAUGHLAND, James
CASTLE, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Living
CATHIE, Isabella and BERTRAM, John
CATO, Elizabeth and KEIL, George
CAYDZIEN, Catherine and BANKS, Henry
CELIA, Ms. and JENNINGS, Thomas Nathan
CHALMERS, Margaret and GEMMELL, William
CHALMERS, Rachel and LIVINGSTONE, William Stewart
CHAMBERLAIN, William Henry and BRABROOK, Susan
CHAMBERS, Ann and BUSS, George
CHAMBERS, Charles and CHAMBERS, Harriett C
CHAMBERS, Charles and TWART, Hannah
CHAMBERS, Frederick and CHAMBERS, Mary
CHAMBERS, George and CHAMBERS, Sophia
CHAMBERS, George and WENHAM, Elizabeth
CHAMBERS, George Wright and BUSS, Elizabeth
CHAMBERS, Harriett C and CHAMBERS, Charles
CHAMBERS, Mary and CHAMBERS, Frederick
CHAMBERS, Sophia and CHAMBERS, George
CHAMBERS, Thomas and ATKINS, Elizabeth Ann
CHAPMAN, Elizabeth and WARE, Jonathan
CHARLES, Dora and PHILP, William Cornfoot, L.R.C.P. L.R.C.S.E
CHETTLE, Ralph Mackintosh and BUSS, Evelyn Tidcombe
CHETWYND-TALBOT, Living and MACKESON, Harry Ripley
CHRISTIE, Alexander and CRAIB, Helen
CHURCHMAN, Geraldine and JEFFERIES, Edward
CHURCHMAN, Katharine and EIDMANS, Henry
CHURCHMAN, William and MEARS, Susannah
CHURCHMAN, William James and ALSFORD, Susannah
CLARK, Adam Rankine Gibson and SWAIN, Henrietta
CLARK, Agnes
CLARK, Andrew and MCBRIDE, Margaret
CLARK, Bessie Jardine and DARRANT, Donald Mcintosh
CLARK, David and CLARK, Mary
CLARK, Emma and CLARKE, James
CLARK, Isabella and CLARK, Maxwell
CLARK, James and BELL, Mary
CLARK, Janet and MCKILL, John
CLARK, Janet and TURNER, Robert
CLARK, John and DALZEL, Janet
CLARK, John and GIBSON, Sarah Ann Rankin
CLARK, John and POLLOCK, Margaret
CLARK, John and SYMINGTON, Marianne
CLARK, John Cowan and JARDINE, Hannah Irving
CLARK, John James and HAY, Janet
CLARK, Margaret and WATT, William
CLARK, Margaret Robertson and RODGER, Robert
CLARK, Mary A and HORLE, Joseph
CLARK, Mary and CLARK, David
CLARK, Mary and MAXWELL, John
CLARK, Mary Jane and ALLERDICE, James Bicket
CLARK, Maxwell and CLARK, Isabella
CLARK, Michael and HARE, Margaret
CLARK, Michael and KISSOCK, Mary
CLARK, Michael and MCCARTNEY, Mary
CLARK, Michael and POLLOCK, Grace
CLARK, Michael and STEVENSON, Jane
CLARK, Thomas and RAE, Jannet
CLARK, William and MCTAGGART, Isabella
CLARK, William and MILLIGAN, Mary
CLARKE, James and CLARK, Emma
CLARKE, Mary and JENNINGS, Francis
CLASON, Janet and MALCOLM, Alexander
CLAYTON, George Wilfred and RANKINE, Emma Brierley
CLEMENTS, Daniel and CONWAY, Living
CLEMENTS, Living and HORTON, Harry Arthur
CLERK, Elizabeth and CUTHBERT, William
CLINTON, Elsie Lavinia and MURRAY, Edward
CLINTON, William Henry and TILEY, Emily
CLUNE, Helen and KISSOCK, John
COCKLE, Maria and RUFFELL, Richard
COKER, Emily and COKER, James
COKER, Florence Elizabeth and CULLINGWORTH, Alfred William
COKER, Frederick George and MORGAN, Elizabeth Sarah
COKER, James and COKER, Emily
COLE, Elizabeth and STANLEY, Robert
COLLINGS, John Ireland and ROWE, Elizabeth
COLLINS, Jean and WHITIE, John
COLLINS, Michael and ALSFORD, Ellen Louisa
CONNOLLY, Living and MCCAUL, Living
CONNOR, Charles and BROWN, Janet
CONNOR, James and MUIR, Grace
CONNOR, James and RANKINE, Mary Lock
CONNOR, Living and REYNOLDS, Living
CONON, James and CRAIB, Jean
CONQUER, Janet and PROUD, Robert
CONWAY, Albert Edward and WILSON, Dorothy Emma
CONWAY, Alfred Ernest and NICHOLLS, Emma Elizabeth
CONWAY, Alice and HENMAN, Edward
CONWAY, Amelia Elizabeth and BAYLIS, Harry George
CONWAY, Florence Edith and GARNER, John Frederick
CONWAY, Jane and TYRER, Alfred Howard
CONWAY, John Knight and NOAH, Mary
CONWAY, John Richard and MOODY, Fanny
CONWAY, Lilian Beatrice and GUNNELL, Reginald Henry
CONWAY, Living and CLEMENTS, Daniel
COOCH, Catherine and MUNDY, James
COOK, Priscilla Ursula and BALDRY, James
COOLING, Alice Ann and COOLING, John Albert
COOLING, John Albert and COOLING, Alice Ann
COOLING, Living and MULLETT, Living
COOLING, Sidney Percy and MACK, Winifred Mary
COOPER, Betsey and PARTINGTON, Henry
COOPER, Living and MACK, Dorothy Joan
COPE, Daphne Anne Dennison and NORWELL, William Broadfoot
COPE, Felix Raymond and WINTERS, Dorothy Jane
COPE, George James and BEER, Ethel Caroline
COPE, Kenneth George and ALLEN, Pamela Doris
COPE, Living and MCKENNA, Living
COPE, Living and MOON, Living
COPE, Living and REYNOLDS, Living
CORBIT, Catherine and MCCORMICK, Charles
CORDINGLEY, William and MILLIGAN, Mary Jane
CORNISH, Greeba and DENMAN, Living
COSTER, Anna and HOOPER, Henry Filkes
COULL, Living and YERBURY, Living
COULTER, Elizabeth and BUSS, Samuel
COWAN, Margaret and ANDREW, James
COWAN, Margaret and BAIRD, Alexander
COX, Living and TYRRELL, Living
CRAIB, Helen and CHRISTIE, Alexander
CRAIB, Jean and CONON, James
CRAIB, Jean and MENNIE, Alexander
CRAIB, Mary and HAY, William
CRAIB, Teresa and REID, James
CRAIG, Agnes Gillespie and ARBUCKLE, Thomas
CRAIG, Elizabeth and KIRKWOOD, Nicol
CRAIG, John and TAYLOR, Agnes
CRAIG, Marion and KERR, Robert
CRAIG, Martha and ALLARDICE, William Young
CRAIK, Jane and BEATTIE, James
CRAIK, William and BEATTIE, Mary
CRAWFURD, Christina and LAUGHLAND, David
CRAWLEY, Louisa and KELLEY, George
CREELMAN, Isabella and SCOTT, George
CREELMAN, John and TURNER, Mary Pringle
CREELMAN, William and MERSHALL, Elizabeth
CRISPE, Elizabeth and BUSS, Samuel
CROFT, Living and PARK, Living
CROMBIE, George Black and SCOTT, Jane Dalgleish
CROMBIE, George Black and WHYTLOCK, Jessie
CROMPTON, Betty and ORRELL, John
CROOKALL, Alice Elizabeth and PICKLES, Greenwood
CROOKALL, Ann Rankine and SMITH, Alexander
CROOKALL, Mary Kate and HEAP, John
CROOKALL, William and HILLARY, Ellen
CROOKALL, William and STOPFORTH, Catherine
CROPPER, Living and BLACKLEDGE, John Barclay
CROSS, Living and HOWLING, Living
CROSSLEY, Sarah and NAYLOR, Edwin
CROUT, Henry Eden and MOODY, Annie
CROWLER, Mary Ann and MOODY, Henry
CULCETH, Hannah and GIFFIN, Henry
CULLINGWORTH, Alfred William and COKER, Florence Elizabeth
CULLINGWORTH, Amy A and ELLIS, Thomas Henry
CULLINGWORTH, Mary Ann Elizabeth and ALSFORD, James
CULLINGWORTH, Sarah Ann and TYRRELL, Arthur Mould
CULLINGWORTH, William Charles and MAISEY, Mary Ann
CULPAN, Elizabeth and RANKINE, Oswald Barclay
CUMMIN, James and KEIL, Margaret
CUMMING, Agnes and RANKINE, Adam
CURRIE, Catharine and MCCHRISTIE, Robert
CURRIE, Helen and DONALD, Robert
CURRIE, Nathaniel and MIDDLETON, Helen
CUTHBERT, Bertha May and GRAY, Norman
CUTHBERT, Elizabeth and GARDEN, George
CUTHBERT, Elizabeth Margaret and RAYMOND, Alfred Leoline
CUTHBERT, Euphemia Macconnell and MAXWELL, Samuel John
CUTHBERT, James Clark and YOUNG, Elizabeth
CUTHBERT, Mary Isabella and FORBES, William
CUTHBERT, Nellie Marion and ILLINGWORTH, Robert
CUTHBERT, William and CLERK, Elizabeth
CUTHBERT, William and MURRAY, Helen
CUTHBERT, Williamina Clerk and STONE, Thomas Andrew