DAILY, Andrew and MORAN, Mary
DAILY, Florence S and ALLARDYCE, John J
DALE, Daniel and DALE, Mary Ann
DALE, James Joseph and TWIST, Susanne
DALE, Mary A. and DALE, Thomas William
DALE, Mary Ann and DALE, Daniel
DALE, Thomas William and DALE, Mary A.
DALGLEISH, Jane and SCOTT, George
DALRYMPLE, Quintin and MCCONNELL, Catherine
DALY, Catherine and DALY, Michael
DALY, Michael and DALY, Catherine
DALZEL, Janet and CLARK, John
DALZEL, Robert and WILSON, Jean
DANIELS, Living and YERBURY, David Stenhouse
DANIELS, Richard and MURRAY, Elizabeth
DANIELS, Richard and RENNIE, Margaret
DANIELS, Thomas and DEWAR, Agnes
DARLING, Andrew Noble and WATSON, Margaret B.
DARLING, Catherine Marr and LOWRY, Joseph Harrison
DARLING, David Andrew and BARRON, Edith Swan
DARLING, David Andrew and ROBERTSON, Living
DARLING, Erskine Gillespie and WHITE, Martha Higgins
DARLING, Grace E. and LARSON, Lawrence Casper
DARLING, Isabella and BUNYAN, James
DARLING, Isabella Stevens and STEELE, Robert
DARLING, James and REID, Ann
DARLING, James and WATT, Margaret Alice
DARLING, Living and JACK, Living
DARLING, Margaret Brown and MURRAY, Alexander
DARLING, Rachel Noble and DAVIS, Sidney William
DARLING, Thirza and DEAS, William
DARLING, Thomas and BROWN, Margaret
DARLING, Thomas and GILLESPIE, Jane Ferguson
DARLING, Thomas and NOBLE, Rachel
DARLING, Thomas Brown and BARCLAY, Elizabeth Dunlop
DARLING, Thomas Brown and WALKER, Jessie Ann
DARLING, William Noble and ADAMS, Margaret H
DARLING, William Noble and GEMMELL, Margaret Chalmers
DARLING, William Noble and STEPHEN, Dorathea Young
DARRANT, Donald Mcintosh and CLARK, Bessie Jardine
DARRANT, John and YOUNG, Living
DARRANT, John Stewart and MCKINNELL, Living
DARRANT, Living and MCINTOSH, Alexander
DARRANT, Living and SIMPSON, Amelia
DAVIDSON, Isabel and MCPHAIL, Alexander
DAVIDSON, Janet and BEATTIE, William
DAVIS, Charles and DAVIS, Rebecca
DAVIS, George Henry and BRABROOK, Maud Susanna
DAVIS, Rebecca and DAVIS, Charles
DAVIS, Sidney William and DARLING, Rachel Noble
DAWSON, Clara and STACEY, Alfred Richard
DAY, Maria Emily and ALSFORD, Benjamin George
DE BEER, Living and HOWARD, Living
DEARDEN, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Harry Oswald
DEAS, Alexander and BELL, Jemima
DEAS, Alexander and GRUBB, Eliza
DEAS, David and MARTIN, Jean
DEAS, Euphemia Almaria Jackson and CARR, Sydney William
DEAS, Living and KIRK, Living
DEAS, William and DARLING, Thirza
DEAS, William and PATERSON, Agnes
DEATH, Living and ALSFORD, Living
DEDMAN, Harriet and DURDEN, William Robert
DELAHUNT, Alice Ethel and MACKAY, William James Tyrrell
DELAHUNT, Bertrand Percy and SMITH, Living
DELAHUNT, Helen Catherine and WATSON, Stephen
DELAHUNT, Living and DELAHUNT, Living
DELAHUNT, Living and DELAHUNT, Living
DELAHUNT, Peter and KNAPMAN, Helen Maria
DELAHUNT, Peter and NASH, Catherine
DELAHUNT, Sidney Douglas and PARKINS, Living
DELAHUNT, William Hector Nash and BLACK, Isabella Wilson
DENHAM, David and HARRIS, Florence
DENHAM, Kenneth Percy and RANKINE, Living
DENHAM, Living and ALDOUS, Living
DENMAN, Alfred John and CALOW, Sarah
DENMAN, Arthur Herbert and BRIFFITT, Sarah
DENMAN, Emma Varney and LANGDON, Harry
DENMAN, George Abbey and SUMMERFIELD, Rosina Maria
DENMAN, George Henry James and JENNINGS, Ellen Patient
DENMAN, Henry Smith and FLOWERS, Emma Abbey
DENMAN, Living and CORNISH, Greeba
DENMAN, Living and TYRRELL, Arthur
DENMAN, Living and WILLIAMS, Stella P
DENMAN, Sydney Alexander and EBSWORTH, Mabel Alexander
DENNING, Henry and ADSETT, Ann Amelia
DENNING, James Herbert and WALTON, Elsie
DENNING, Nyria Elsie and MURRAY, Samuel James
DENNIS, William Henry and ANDREW, Margaret Cowan
DERBYSHIRE, Elizabeth and PICKBURN, Frederick George Alexander
DEVANNY, Anne and HJORTH, Anders Steensen
DEVANNY, Henry and NEAL, Mary Ann
DEVANNY, Jennet and MACMILLAN, Iver Edward
DEVANNY, John and MCCARTNEY, Elizabeth
DEVELIN, Sarah and LECKIE, James
DEVELIN, Thomas and DONNELY, Mary
DEWAR, Agnes and DANIELS, Thomas
DEWAR, David and JOHNSTON, Charlotte
DICK, Alexander Finlay and CALDERWOOD, Agnes
DICK, Alexander Finlay and MORRISON, Jane
DICK, George and ALEXANDER, Mary Ann
DICK, Isabella and ALLERDICE, Alexander
DICK, James and STEWART, Mary
DICK, John and SHEDDEN, Agnes Porter
DICK, Margaret M and FAIS, Andrew
DICK, Mary and DICK, Matthew
DICK, Matthew and DICK, Mary
DICK, Matthew Hadden and STEWART, Janet
DICKENS, Harriet and BLACKLEDGE, William Rankine
DICKINS, Mabel and ROBERTSON, Alexander Kelly
DIXON, Frances Sophia and MARIGOLD, Harold Walter
DIXON, Sarah Anne Holmes and SMILES, Samuel
DOBSON, Living and MACK, John
DODDS, Jane and DUNLOP, Andrew
DODMAN, Elizabeth and BEER, James Thomas
DOGHERTY, Jane and SHIACH, William
DONALD, Christina and STEVENS, David
DONALD, Christina and WALKER, John
DONALD, James and GRANT, Grace
DONALD, James and RICHARDS, Eveline Annie
DONALD, Robert and ANDREW, Margaret
DONALD, Robert and CURRIE, Helen
DONALD, Robert and SMITH, Mary
DONALDSON, Alison and RENTON, William
DONALDSON, James and STEELE, Margaret
DONALDSON, John and HAY, Margaret Agnes
DONNELY, Mary and DEVELIN, Thomas
DOUGLAS, Anne and INNES, Donald
DOWNE, Elizabeth Frances and DURDEN, Joseph
DOYE, John and HOWARD, Frances
DOYE, Sarah and JENNINGS, William
DRENNAN, Dennis and WOOD, Kate
DRENNAN, Dennis Anselm and FINNEGAN, Living
DRENNAN, Norah and NICHOLS, John Noel
DRUCE, Diana Harriet and HIRST, James
DRYBROUGH, Living and RAE, Dorothy Rankine
DUNCAN, Barbara and LIVINGSTONE, Andrew
DUNCAN, Margaret and MCDONALD, Donald
DUNLOP, Agnes and SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish
DUNLOP, Andrew and DODDS, Jane
DUNLOP, Elizabeth and BARCLAY, George
DUNLOP, Jessie and RANKINE, John
DUNNE, Living and BEER, Living
DURDEN, Clara and DURDEN, Thomas
DURDEN, John Henry and WILLIAMS, Caroline
DURDEN, Joseph and DOWNE, Elizabeth Frances
DURDEN, Joseph and HOWLETT, Mary Ann
DURDEN, Mary Louisa and RAWLINS, John
DURDEN, Sophia Emily and READING, William Alfred
DURDEN, Stanley John and BRAINE, Jeanette
DURDEN, Thomas and DURDEN, Clara
DURDEN, William Robert and DEDMAN, Harriet
DYER, Owen Richard Mears and BEER, Winifred Elizabeth