EAMES, Lily L'Estrange and RANKINE, Roger Aitken
EAMES, William and LESLIE, Charlotte
EAMES, William Leslie and L'ESTRANGE, Henrietta
EAMES, William L'Estrange and LOCKHEAD, Elizabeth Jane
EAST, Living and KEIL, Living
EAST, William and KEIL, Sarah
EBSWORTH, Mabel Alexander and DENMAN, Sydney Alexander
EDDIS, Henry William and HOOPER, Emily Honor
EDWARD, Ann and GILLESPIE, Erskine
EDWARD, William and KEIL, Henrietta
EDWARDS, Agnes Catherine and SHEPHERD, William Ramage
EDWARDS, Edith Sarah and TYRRELL, Arthur Walter
EDWARDS, Mary Ann and PARK, Adam
EELS, Living and HOLLAND, May Francis
EIDMANS, Ernest Joseph and SMART, Alice Maud
EIDMANS, Henry and CHURCHMAN, Katharine
ELAINE, Living and TYRRELL, Living
ELDER, John and MACKAY, Catherine
ELDER, William and SUTHERLAND, Catharine
ELLIS, Thomas Henry and CULLINGWORTH, Amy A
ELSTON, Edward and BEER, Mary Jane
ELSTON, Elizabeth Grace and STACEY, Ham
ELSTON, George and FRANCIS, Amelia
ENDICOTT, William and MACK, Ellice
ENDICOTT, William and SHAW, Helen Southworth
ENNIS, James, Jr. and HOLLAND, Julia Ann
ETTERICH, Sibella A and ALLARDICE, John Clyde
EVANS, Rebecca and MOORE, William George
EVERETT, Elizabeth and BRACHER, Edward
EVERETT, Henry and TYRRELL, Emma Anna
EVERETT, Jane and TYRRELL, William James
EVERETT, Rice and READ, Alice
EVERETT, Rice and WRIGHT, Martha
EWART, Jean and SMILES, Robert Wilson