GALLOWAY, Edith Annie and BUSS, Percy Crispe
GAMES, Elizabeth Tyrrell and SIMS, Christopher Robert
GARDEN, Charles Edward and STUART, Mary Jane
GARDEN, George and CUTHBERT, Elizabeth
GARDEN, George and GRANT, Elizabeth
GARDEN, James and TAYLOR, Mary
GARDINER, Hannah and RODGER, Alexander
GARDINER, Jean and NAIRN, James
GARDINER, Jean and O'BRIEN, Peter
GARDINER, William and FREW, Mary
GARDINER, William and HAMILTON, Living
GARDINER, William and MCDONALD, Jean
GAREY, Sarah Harrow and TIDCOMBE, George
GARNER, John Frederick and CONWAY, Florence Edith
GARRICK, James and RENDALL, Mary
GARRICK, Jane Rendall and BROWN, John
GARRICK, Robina Stewart and HUTCHISON, James
GARRICK, Robina Stewart and WATERER, William Benjamin
GARROD, Martha and BILVERSTONE, Robert
GARWOOD, Living and RANGECROFT, Living
GEARY, Albert and MOTT, Harriet Susannah
GEARY, Arthur Etheridge and ALSFORD, Harriet Caroline
GEARY, Elias and WEAL, Ann Rebecca
GEER, May Ann and MURRAY, William Bill
GEMMELL, Andrew and GEMMELL, Jessie
GEMMELL, Andrew and REID, Jane
GEMMELL, Catherine and MURDOCH, James
GEMMELL, David Chalmers and NICOL, Jeannie
GEMMELL, Jessie and GEMMELL, Andrew
GEMMELL, Margaret Chalmers and DARLING, William Noble
GEMMELL, William and CHALMERS, Margaret
GENTRY, Ethel Mary and ROBERTS, Arthur Farquhar
GEORGE, Elizabeth and GEORGE, Richard
GEORGE, Elizabeth and WARE, Smith
GEORGE, Richard and GEORGE, Elizabeth
GIBBONS, Elizabeth and ORRELL, John
GIBSON, Agnes and PARK, John F
GIBSON, Elizabeth and HUNTER, John
GIBSON, John Erskine and RANKINE, Sarah Mckenzie
GIBSON, Sarah Ann Rankin and CLARK, John
GIFFIN, Culceth and PINNIGER, Darnigo
GIFFIN, Darnigo Eleanor and LIEF, John
GIFFIN, Henry and CULCETH, Hannah
GIFFIN, Henry and JOHNSTONE, Eleanor
GILBERT, Jane and KEIL, Peter
GILBERT, William and KEIL, Jean
GILCHRIST, Rachel and REID, George
GILCHRIST, Rachel and ROBERTSON, William
GILFILLAN, Elizabeth Brown and RANKINE, Adam
GILLESPIE, Betsy Strachan and MOLLISON, George Booth
GILLESPIE, Erskine and EDWARD, Ann
GILLESPIE, Erskine and ROBERTSON, Isabella
GILLESPIE, Jane Ferguson and DARLING, Thomas
GILLESPIE, Janet and ANDREW, David
GILLEY, Ellen and HAWKINS, Benjamin Ebenezer
GILLIES, Elizabeth Forbes Henderson and BUCHANAN, John Allardyce
GILMORE, Living and PATERSON, Shelia Renfrew
GILMOUR, Margaret and LITTLE, James
GILMOUR, Susan and HAMILTON, Alexander
GLASS, Margaret and MURRAY, Alexander
GLASS, Robert and PATERSON, Elizabeth
GLASSEL, Helen and MILLAR, William
GODFREY, Margaret Joan and ALSFORD, Arthur Leonard
GOODRIDGE, Maud and LAYCOCK, Edgar Spencer
GORDON, Catherine Nicholl and ALEXANDER, John Caldwell
GORDON, George and LAWRIE, Annie
GOURLAY, James Hill and MCKAY, Margaret
GOURLAY, James Hill and SMITH, Helen
GOURLAY, Thomas and HILL, Elizabeth
GOURLEY, Margaret Erskine and ALLARDICE, John
GRAHAM, James Falconer and MCKILL, Grace Hendrie Mcfarlane Stewart
GRAHAM, Jane and AULD, Robert Taylor
GRAHAM, Living and MCKINNON, Living
GRAINGER, Elizabeth and MARIGOLD, Harold Lawrence Hershmer
GRANT, Alexander and GRANT, Ann
GRANT, Ann and GRANT, Alexander
GRANT, Elizabeth and GARDEN, George
GRANT, Elizabeth Cutbath and HOLLAND, William
GRANT, Grace and DONALD, James
GRANT, Isabella and KEMP, John
GRANT, Isabella and KEMP, Robert
GRANT, Janet and HUNTER, Hugh
GRANT, Lachlan and ROBERTSON, Margaret
GRANT, Peter and KEIL, Isabel
GRANT-TAYLOR, William and MURRAY, Laura Dod
GRAY, Norman and CUTHBERT, Bertha May
GRAY, Robert and BICKET, Marion
GRAY, Thomas and SCOTT, Elizabeth Mabel Gordon
GRAY, William and INNES, Eliza
GRAY, William and PEPPE, Agnes
GREEG, Anna and BURT, James
GREEN, Emmlyne and GUNNELL, Thomas Henry James
GREEN, Fanny Mary and HIRST, James
GREEN, Richard Henry and MACKESON, Mary Jane
GREIG, Archibald and BYERS, Helen
GREIG, Isabella and SCOTT, Archibald
GREIG, James and MOLLISON, Margaret
GRIGGS, Eliza Isabella and REGGLER, James
GRIGSON, Ellen and SHELFORD, Leonard
GROUT, Ethel Orlean and BALDRY, William
GROUT, James and HOWDEN, Frances Ann
GROUT, James Edward and ABEL, Caroline Frances
GROUT, Letitia Edwina and SELMES, Henry George
GRUBB, Eliza and DEAS, Alexander
GUEST, Ann and PETERS, Samuel
GUIVER, Annie and STACEY, Walter Henry
GUIVER, Edward and WOOD, Susannah
GUNN, Ann and INNES, John
GUNNELL, Daniel and STILL, Elizabeth
GUNNELL, Kate Alfreda and KEMP, Alfred George
GUNNELL, Reginald Henry and CONWAY, Lilian Beatrice
GUNNELL, Robert and BEAVER, Charlotte Sarah
GUNNELL, Thomas Henry James and GREEN, Emmlyne
GWILLIAM, Jennefer A and TYRRELL, Barry
GYI, Mah and BRUCE, George Henry Aitken