ILLINGWORTH, Robert and CUTHBERT, Nellie Marion
INGLES, George and KEIL, Sarah
INGLIS, Jane and LEAL, James
INGLIS, Margaret and RANKINE, Adam
INGLIS, Robert and LOCK, Mary
INGLIS, William and NEWLANDS, Isabella
INGRAM, Janet and MILLAR, James
INKSON, Sarah and KEIL, James
INNES, Alexander and KEMP, Isabella
INNES, Annie Gunn and MCPHAIL, Evan B
INNES, Donald and DOUGLAS, Anne
INNES, Eliza and GRAY, William
INNES, James and ALLAN, Margaret
INNES, John and GUNN, Ann
INNES, Margaret and MCPHAIL, Living
INNES, Robert and SUTHERLAND, Margaret
INNES, Robertina and BREMNER, David Sutherland
INSTRELL, Living and MURRAY, Living
IRELAND, William and AULD, Helen Borland
IRVINE, Mary and MCCHRISTIE, William
ISAACSON, Eliza and PEACHEY, William
ISAACSON, Elizabeth