LAING, Bessie and HAY, William
LAING, William and MURRAY, Elizabeth
LAMBERT, Charlotte and CANHAM, Daniel Rouse
LAMIE, Mabel Kathleen and MACKAY, Alfred Gladstone
LAMMAS, Rebecca Sarah and BROOKS, Charles Haddock
LAMMIE, Agnes and SMITH, William
LAMMIE, Barbara and MCCARTNEY, James
LAMMIE, George and MCCARTNEY, Mary
LAMONT, Donald and MCGINNES, Flora
LAMONT, Mary and MCKINNON, Malcolm
LAND, Living and RAYMOND, Jessie Shearer
LANGDON, Harry and DENMAN, Emma Varney
LANGDON, Living and HENDERSON, Living
LANGDON, Living and NORTHUNT, Living
LARSON, Lawrence Casper and DARLING, Grace E.
LAUGHLAND, David and CRAWFURD, Christina
LAUGHLAND, David and SCOTT, Sarah
LAUGHLAND, David and WOODROW, Maggie
LAUGHLAND, James and CASKIE, Agnes
LAUGHLAND, Margaret and LEGGET, William
LAW, Mary and PYE, George
LAW, Robert and MCCARTNEY, Jean Whitefield
LAWRIE, Annie Adair and MACKESON, Henry Bean
LAWRIE, Annie and GORDON, George
LAWRIE, Archibald and ADAIR, Anne M'Kittrick
LAWRIE, Charles Malcolm and MURRAY, Heather
LAWRIE, Flora Hastings and SHELFORD, Thomas
LAWRIE, George and CAMPBELL, Mary
LAWRIE, George James and LUDLOW, Laura Louisa
LAWRIE, Living and BALSDON, Living
LAWRIE, Living and PITT, Living
LAWRIE, Living and POULDEN, Living
LAWRIE, Living and RODIER, Living
LAWRIE, Living and SHEPHERD, Living
LAWRIE, Living and WAGNER, Living
LAWRIE, Mary Louisa and HOOPER, Edmund Lewis
LAWSON, Agnes and STEWART, Duncan Darg
LAWSON, Edwin John and HATCHER, Florence Elizabeth
LAWSON, Elizabeth Ann and MACK, Robert Ellice
LAWSON, John and CARRAGHER, Martha
LAWSON, Louisa Martha and RANKINE, Adam
LAWSON, Robert and KIRK, Ann
LAWSON, Williamina Jane and MCLEAN, William Walker Laroche, Mrcse Lrcpl Lsa Dph
LAYCOCK, Edgar Spencer and GOODRIDGE, Maud
LAYCOCK, John and WOOD, Susan
LAYCOCK, John Edgar and MOODY, Ellen Louisa
LAYCOCK, John Spencer and WILLIAMS, Mary Ann Oliver
LAYCOCK, Joseph and WILSON, Alice
LAYCOCK, Joseph Spencer and WELLHAM, Lucy Elizabeth
LAYCOCK, Marjorie Helen and BRADFORD, Alfred John
LAYCOCK, Marjorie Helen and PHILLIPS, Reginald Stanley
LAYCOCK, Mary Ann and MILLS, Arthur
LAYCOCK, Maud Winifred and MACK, John
LAYCOCK, Norman Spencer and HIRST, Irene Hilda
LAYCOCK, Olive Isabel and WILLIS, William James
LAYCOCK, Spencer Oliver and WHITLEY, Eliza Jane
LAYCOCK, William and JONES, Elizabeth
LAYCOCK, William and SPENCER, Eliza
LEAL, Helen Maria and FRASER, David
LEAL, Helen Maria and MANN, John
LEAL, Helen Maria and STUART, James Duff
LEAL, James and INGLIS, Jane
LEAL, William and PAUL, Helen
LEBURN, Elizabeth and RANKINE, Henry
LECKIE, Adam and SWEDEN, Mary
LECKIE, James and DEVELIN, Sarah
LECKIE, John and WALKER, Janet
LECKIE, Margaret and AULD, William
LEDGER, Ann and BUSS, George
LEE, Living and ALLARDYCE, John J
LEE, Living and TYRRELL, John
LEES, Agnes and FORBES, John
LEES, James and JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth
LEES, Jessie and NEISH, John
LEGGET, William and LAUGHLAND, Margaret
LENNARD, Elizabeth and BUSS, James
LESLIE, Charlotte and EAMES, William
LESLIE, Elizabeth and JOHNSTON, Dick
LESLIE, Peter Alexander and FLEETWOOD, Sarah
LESLIE, William and SKELTON, Isabella
L'ESTRANGE, Henrietta and EAMES, William Leslie
LEWIS, Living and BEER, Living
LIEF, Ada Georgina and BOXALL, William James
LIEF, Eleanor and YERBURY, Edward Reuben
LIEF, Elizabeth Catherine and BRYANT, John Vincent
LIEF, Elizabeth Catherine and BUNKHALL, William Henry
LIEF, John and GIFFIN, Darnigo Eleanor
LIEF, John and HAMILTON, Mary Ann
LIEF, John and ROYCE, Georgianna Elizabeth
LING, Maria and BIRD, James
LINTON, Margaret and RAE, James
LINTON, Samuel and MCMURRIE, Mary
LITTLE, James and BROADFOOT, Catherine Wyllie
LITTLE, James and GILMOUR, Margaret
LIVINGSTONE, Andrew and DUNCAN, Barbara
LIVINGSTONE, Andrew and SPARKS, Cecilia
LIVINGSTONE, David and TODD, Annie
LIVINGSTONE, Mary Ann and RANKINE, William
LIVINGSTONE, William Stewart and CHALMERS, Rachel
LLOYD, Mary-Alice and RANKINE, Living
LOCK, Mary and INGLIS, Robert
LOCKHEAD, Elizabeth Jane and EAMES, William L'Estrange
LORD, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Will
LOVE, Mary and ALLERDICE, Alexander
LOWRY, Joseph Harrison and DARLING, Catherine Marr
LUDLOW, Laura Louisa and LAWRIE, George James
LUMLEY, Coughlin and MILLIGAN, Frances
LYON, Anne and BLAIR, James