NAIRN, James and GARDINER, Jean
NANCY, Ms. and BLUMSTEIN, Robert Morton
NASH, Catherine and DELAHUNT, Peter
NASH, Living and HATCHER, Leonard George
NAYLOR, Edwin and CROSSLEY, Sarah
NAYLOR, Edwin and NAYLOR, Elizabeth
NAYLOR, Elizabeth and NAYLOR, Edwin
NAYLOR, Frederick and BAIRD, Agnes Rankine
NEAGUS, Emma and BREWSTER, Charles
NEAL, Mary Ann and DEVANNY, Henry
NEETHLING, Henry and KEIL, Anna George
NEISH, Adam and ALLAN, Helen
NEISH, Adam Gordon and CARMICHAEL, Isobel
NEISH, Alexander and MATHIESON, Anne
NEISH, John and LEES, Jessie
NEW, Lewis Ann and MOODY, John Edgar
NEWLAND, Susan and MACKAY, Living
NEWLANDS, Isabella and INGLIS, William
NEWSON, Albert Edward and HARRIS, Lavinia Eliza
NICHOLLS, Emma Elizabeth and CONWAY, Alfred Ernest
NICHOLS, John Cooke and WOOD, Lois
NICHOLS, John Noel and DRENNAN, Norah
NICHOLS, Samuel Augustus and SMILES, Janet
NICHOLS, Septimus Augustus and WOOD, Lizzie
NICHOLSON, Margaret Marianne and RANKINE, Adam George
NICHOLSON, Maxwell and OLIPHANT, Frances Isabell
NICOL, Jeannie and GEMMELL, David Chalmers
NICOL, Margaret and REID, James
NILES, Mary Jemima and MILLIGAN, Alexander
NIXON, Living and TYRRELL, Living
NOAH, Mary and CONWAY, John Knight
NOBLE, Rachel and DARLING, Thomas
NORIE, Mary and JOHNSTON, Dick
NORTHUNT, Living and LANGDON, Living
NORWELL, William Broadfoot and COPE, Daphne Anne Dennison