PAGE, Harriet and AKEHURST, John James
PAGE, Richard and JONES, Mary
PALGRAVE, James Edward and HARRIS, Lavinia Eliza
PALGRAVE, James Edward and MUNSEY, Louisa
PAPILLON, Phyllis Muriel and RANKINE, Thomas Gilfillan
PARK, Adam and EDWARDS, Mary Ann
PARK, Adam and MURRAY, Janet Jane
PARK, Ernest and HURD, Muriel Edith Lucy
PARK, Ernest and MANNELL, Hilda May
PARK, George Gibson and ROBERTSON, Maud Mary 'Minnie'
PARK, John F and GIBSON, Agnes
PARK, Living and CROFT, Living
PARK, Living and RANKINE, Roger L'Estrange
PARKINS, Living and DELAHUNT, Sidney Douglas
PARRY, Elizabeth and BILL, Richard
PARTINGTON, Adelaide Caroline and MACKAY, Walter Tyrrell
PARTINGTON, Adelaide Eugene and TURNER, William A
PARTINGTON, Henry and COOPER, Betsey
PARTINGTON, John Milner and BROOKS, Caroline
PARTINGTON, Walter Milner and MANTON, Annie
PARTINGTON, William Kirkham and MILNER, Sarah
PARTRIDGE, Blanche Mary and PUTTERILL, Frank William
PAT, Ms. and TYRRELL, Living
PATERSON, Agnes and DEAS, William
PATERSON, Elizabeth and GLASS, Robert
PATERSON, Elizabeth T and AULD, Thomas
PATERSON, Ian Mclean and WANNELL, Emily Sarah
PATERSON, Janet and MILLER, Andrew
PATERSON, Mary Alexander and JEFFREE, Fred
PATERSON, Matthew and ALEXANDER, Janet Renfrew
PATERSON, Shelia Renfrew and GILMORE, Living
PATERSON, Shelia Renfrew and KELLY, Charles Nelson
PATIENT, Martha and JENNINGS, John
PATON, Janet and ARBUCKLE, William
PATTERSON, Ellen and MURRAY, Ebenezer
PAUL, Elizabeth and RAYMOND, Alfred John
PAUL, Helen and LEAL, William
PAXTON, Beatrice Robert and ARBUCKLE, William
PEACHEY, Ann and HITCHINGS, Alexander
PEACHEY, William and ISAACSON, Eliza
PEAP, George and THOMSON, Janet
PEARL, Arthur and ALSFORD, Alice
PEARSON, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Ronald R
PECK, Maria and BRABROOK, Edward
PEDDIESON, Margaret Mcqueen and BLACK, William Hall
PEDDIESON, Robert and MCPHAIL, Robina
PEDDIESON, Robina and FORBES, Gordon
PENMAN, Living and ALLARDICE, William
PEPPE, Agnes and GRAY, William
PEPPE, Jane P and PYE, John
PETERS, Alfred and MCCORMICK, Bridget
PETERS, Ann and PETERS, William
PETERS, Philip Patrick and KEIL, Jane Betts
PETERS, Philip Patrick and WALSHE, Doris Susan May
PETERS, Richard and MOULD, Ann
PETERS, Richard and MOULD, Elizabeth
PETERS, Samuel and BILL, Elizabeth
PETERS, Samuel and GUEST, Ann
PETERS, Samuel and VILLAGE, Emily Sarah
PETERS, William and PETERS, Ann
PETERSEN, Helga Marie and BOLTON, James Williamson
PHILLIPS, Mary and MCKENZIE, William
PHILLIPS, Reginald Stanley and LAYCOCK, Marjorie Helen
PHILLIPS, Thomas Hindle and ALSFORD, Jane
PHILLIPS, William Benjamin and HOWE, Isabella
PHILP, Andrew and MILLER, Eliza
PHILP, Christian and STENHOUSE, David
PHILP, Helen Stenhouse and HENDERSON, Robert
PHILP, James and STENHOUSE, Helen
PHILP, William Cornfoot, L.R.C.P. L.R.C.S.E and CHARLES, Dora
PICKBURN, Frederick George Alexander and DERBYSHIRE, Elizabeth
PICKBURN, Frederick George and MURRAY, Annie Darling
PICKLES, Greenwood and CROOKALL, Alice Elizabeth
PIEL, Sarah and MCKENZIE, William
PIGGOTT, William Leonard and BEER, Kathleen Marjorie
PINNIGER, Darnigo and GIFFIN, Culceth
PIPPETT, Alice Mary and MACK, Arthur James
PITT, David and ALLARDICE, Jane Thomson
PITT, Living and LAWRIE, Living
PITTS, Pricilla Louisa and ALLARDICE, Alexander
PLANT, Annie Elizabeth and AITKEN, Charles Bruce
POCOCK, Living and ALSFORD, Louisa Annie
POLLOCK, Grace and CLARK, Michael
POLLOCK, Margaret and CLARK, John
PORTER, Mary Ann and SHEDDEN, William
POULDEN, Living and LAWRIE, Living
POZZI, Margaret Harriett and BOLTON, George Alfred
PRATT, Dorothy and BIRCH, Samuel
PRIOR, Elizabeth and WATSON, John
PROCTER, Ann and MOULD, Henry
PROCTOR, Catherine Hannah and BEER, George Frederick
PROCTOR, Catherine Hannah and STARK, Andrew
PROCTOR, Mary Ann and PROCTOR, Robert
PROCTOR, Robert and PROCTOR, Mary Ann
PROUD, Peter and JACKSON, Sybella
PROUD, Robert and BOLTON, Joanna
PROUD, Robert and CONQUER, Janet
PROUD, Robert and SHIACH, Violet
PROUD, Sybella and SMITH, Charles
PROUD, William and HENDERSON, Isabella
PROUDFOOT, William and MURRAY, Elizabeth
PUTLEY, Kate and KEIL, James
PUTTERILL, Frank William and PARTRIDGE, Blanche Mary
PUTTERILL, George and OSWELL, Emily Katherine
PYE, George and LAW, Mary
PYE, John and PEPPE, Jane P
PYE, Mary Johnston and FARQUHARSON, Peter