RADCLIFFE, John Norman and RAYMOND, Evelyn Harrower
RAE, Catherine and MCCONNELL, Arthur
RAE, Dorothy Rankine and DRYBROUGH, Living
RAE, Elizabeth and RAE, John
RAE, James and LINTON, Margaret
RAE, James and RANKINE, Anne
RAE, Jannet and CLARK, Thomas
RAE, John and ALEXANDER, Margaret C
RAE, John and RAE, Elizabeth
RAE, Norna Eliza Inglis and HARGRAVE, Reginald N
RAEBURN, Janet and ARMOUR, James
RAGAN, Julia and MOODY, Living
RANGECROFT, Living and GARWOOD, Living
RANGECROFT, Living and MACKAY, Living
RANKINE, Adam and CUMMING, Agnes
RANKINE, Adam and GILFILLAN, Elizabeth Brown
RANKINE, Adam and HAAGER, Caroline
RANKINE, Adam and INGLIS, Margaret
RANKINE, Adam and KISSOCK, Living
RANKINE, Adam and LAWSON, Louisa Martha
RANKINE, Adam Douglas and MOLONY, Elsie Edith
RANKINE, Adam George and NICHOLSON, Margaret Marianne
RANKINE, Ann Aitken and REID, George
RANKINE, Anne and HODGEON, Thomas
RANKINE, Anne and RAE, James
RANKINE, Charles Henry and ARBUCKLE, Janet Paton
RANKINE, Edith Annie and BOOCOCK, Living
RANKINE, Eliza Jane and BAIRD, Henry
RANKINE, Elizabeth and MILLAR, Robert
RANKINE, Elizabeth Ann and RANKINE, William M
RANKINE, Emily Hillary and BLACKLEDGE, Henry Whittle
RANKINE, Emma Brierley and CLAYTON, George Wilfred
RANKINE, Henry and LEBURN, Elizabeth
RANKINE, James and BARCLAY, Margaret
RANKINE, James and MCGILL, Marion
RANKINE, Jane and WILSON, Robert
RANKINE, Janet Simson and MILLIGAN, George
RANKINE, Jean and FOYER, Walter
RANKINE, John and BELL, Annie
RANKINE, John and DUNLOP, Jessie
RANKINE, John and MUIR, Helen
RANKINE, John and SIMSON, Jane
RANKINE, John and SLOANE, Marion
RANKINE, John Lawson and ALEXANDER, Jessie Blair
RANKINE, John Thomas and MOSS, Elizabeth
RANKINE, Liebe Blair and SCOTT, Ian Murray
RANKINE, Living and BENNETT, Living
RANKINE, Living and BODEN, Living
RANKINE, Living and DENHAM, Kenneth Percy
RANKINE, Living and FORTÉ, Living
RANKINE, Living and LLOYD, Mary-Alice
RANKINE, Margaret and MILLAR, Thomas
RANKINE, Margaret Romanes and BROWN, John
RANKINE, Marion and MCCUBBIN, James
RANKINE, Marion Elizabeth and SCOTT, Archibald
RANKINE, Mary Lock and CONNOR, James
RANKINE, Oswald Barclay and CULPAN, Elizabeth
RANKINE, Roger Aitken and EAMES, Lily L'Estrange
RANKINE, Roger L'Estrange and PARK, Living
RANKINE, Sarah Mckenzie and GIBSON, John Erskine
RANKINE, Sarah Mckenzie and KIRKPATRICK, Alexander
RANKINE, Thomas Gilfillan and PAPILLON, Phyllis Muriel
RANKINE, Thomas Tolson and HUNTER, Grace
RANKINE, William and LIVINGSTONE, Mary Ann
RANKINE, William and MASON, Isabella Yates
RANKINE, William Hartley and BRIERLEY, Emma Jane
RANKINE, William M and RANKINE, Elizabeth Ann
RANKINE, William Oswald Albert and STOTT, Carrie Cook
RATHEY, Agnes and MERSHALL, Peter
RAWLINS, John and DURDEN, Mary Louisa
RAYMOND, Alfred John and PAUL, Elizabeth
RAYMOND, Alfred John and SHEARER, Jessie Catherine
RAYMOND, Alfred Leoline and CUTHBERT, Elizabeth Margaret
RAYMOND, Ethel Christine and WALKER, Matthew Radcliffe
RAYMOND, Evelyn Harrower and RADCLIFFE, John Norman
RAYMOND, Harold William and SAUNDERS, Vera
RAYMOND, Henry George and HEYLAND, Mary Ann
RAYMOND, Henry Thomas and WHITWORTH, Beatrice
RAYMOND, Jessie Shearer and LAND, Living
READ, Alice and EVERETT, Rice
READING, Mary Ann and READING, William
READING, William Alfred and DURDEN, Sophia Emily
READING, William and READING, Mary Ann
REBETZKE, Cyril James Samuel and BOSWELL, Living
REDHALL, Jane and BEER, Thomas
REGGLER, Eliza Isabella and BEER, John
REGGLER, James and GRIGGS, Eliza Isabella
REGGLER, William and SMITH, Lucy
REID, Agnes Clara and KING, Arthur Thomas
REID, Ann and DARLING, James
REID, Charles and SKINNER, Jane
REID, George and GILCHRIST, Rachel
REID, George and RANKINE, Ann Aitken
REID, Isabellla and SMITH, Francis
REID, James and CRAIB, Teresa
REID, James and NICOL, Margaret
REID, Jane and GEMMELL, Andrew
REID, Thomas and MCCHRISTIE, Isabella
REID, William and HUTCHISON, Euphemia
RENDALL, Jane and CAMPBELL, Malcolm
RENDALL, Mary and GARRICK, James
RENNIE, Margaret and DANIELS, Richard
RENTON, Agnes and WATT, John
RENTON, Alison and WHITIE, William
RENTON, Mary and MUIR, James
RENTON, William and DONALDSON, Alison
RENTON, William and SCOULER, Mary Isabella
REYBURN, Grizal and MCCHRISTIE, Alexander
REYNOLDS, Living and CONNOR, Living
REYNOLDS, Living and COPE, Living
REYNOLDS, Rose Elizabeth and BEER, Frank Arthur Raymond
RICHARDS, Eveline Annie and DONALD, James
RICHARDSON, Robert and MCCAUL, Agnes
RICKARD, Frank G and STACEY, Helena Francis
RICKARD, Philip Hendy and SADLER, Elizabeth
RIMMER, James and ORRELL, Margaret
RINNIE, Bethia and MCRINKINE, James
RIPLEY, Ella Cecille and MACKESON, Henry
RIPLEY, John Anthony and RIPLEY, Marianne
RIPLEY, Marianne and RIPLEY, John Anthony
RISK, Jean and KIRKWOOD, John
ROBB, Eliza Gertrude and BUSS, Ernest
ROBB, James and HOULT, Jane Elizabeth
ROBERTS, Arthur Farquahar and MOWAT, Isabella Murray
ROBERTS, Arthur Farquhar and GENTRY, Ethel Mary
ROBERTS, Arthur Farquhar and MILNE, Mary Ann
ROBERTS, Eliza Farquhar and MOLLISON, William Whyte
ROBERTS, Henry and MOODY, Matilda Rosina
ROBERTSON, Alexander and CARMICHAEL, Margaret
ROBERTSON, Alexander Kelly and DICKINS, Mabel
ROBERTSON, Isabella and GILLESPIE, Erskine
ROBERTSON, Living and DARLING, David Andrew
ROBERTSON, Margaret and BANKS, William
ROBERTSON, Margaret and GRANT, Lachlan
ROBERTSON, Maud Mary 'Minnie' and PARK, George Gibson
ROBERTSON, Robina and HALL, Jonathan
ROBERTSON, William and GILCHRIST, Rachel
ROBERTSON, William and KEIL, Elizabeth
ROBSON, Isabella
ROBSON, Isabella and SCHOOLER, Murray
ROCHESTER, George William and BURNELL, Charlotte Mary
ROCHESTER, Lilian Caroline and ALSFORD, Charles Walter
RODGER, Alexander and AULD, Margaret Taylor
RODGER, Alexander and GARDINER, Hannah
RODGER, Robert and CLARK, Margaret Robertson
RODGER, Robert and STEWART, Marion
RODIER, Living and LAWRIE, Living
ROGERSON, David and WILSON, Janet
ROGERSON, Robert and BEATTIE, Mary Craik
ROMANES, Margaret and SIMSON, Charles
ROOK, Charles and BIRD, Maria Elizabeth
ROOKE, Robert William and BROOKS, Mary Jane
ROPER, Eliza and STENHOUSE, David Martin
ROPER, John and ROPER, Mary Ann
ROPER, Mary Ann
ROPER, Mary Ann and ROPER, John
ROSE, Helen and BANKS, Alexander
ROSS, Adam and MCDADE, Sarah
ROSS, Agnes Stewart and BRYCE, William M
ROSS, Angus and MCINTOSH, Ann
ROSS, Elizabeth and KEIL, William
ROSS, Elspet and SIMPSON, James
ROSS, Georgina and MITCHELL, Peter
ROSS, Gilbert and MCCARTNEY, Janet
ROSS, John and MCMEKEN, Agnes
ROSS, John and ROSS, Phoebe
ROSS, Margaret and MCRINKINE, James
ROSS, Phoebe and ROSS, John
ROSS, Richard and CALDER, Georgina
ROUSE, Unk and WILLIAMS, Eliza
ROWE, Elizabeth and COLLINGS, John Ireland
ROWLEY, Frances Florence and MURRAY, Robert Graham
ROYCE, Georgianna Elizabeth and LIEF, John
RUDD, George and HULLAH, Mary Ann
RUDD, George Boyd Franklin and AKEHURST, Gwendolen Maud
RUDD, George Boyd Franklin and KEARNS, Georgina Isabel
RUDD, George Edward and FRANKLIN, Mary Ellen
RUFFELL, Alfred and SMART, Margaret
RUFFELL, Alice Maud and SMITH, Samual Sibbald
RUFFELL, Edith E and RUFFELL, George Arthur
RUFFELL, George Arthur and RUFFELL, Edith E
RUFFELL, James and RUFFELL, Jane Betts
RUFFELL, James Betts and RUSSELL, Elizabeth Aitken
RUFFELL, Jane Betts and RUFFELL, James
RUFFELL, Jessie and FLEMING, Archibald
RUFFELL, Lily Maud and ADDISON, Thomas
RUFFELL, Mary Ann and KEIL, William Peter
RUFFELL, Richard and COCKLE, Maria
RUSHWORTH, Elizabeth and HIRST, James
RUSSELL, Elizabeth Aitken and RUFFELL, James Betts
RUSSELL, Living and MCCLELLAND, Living
RUSSELL, Reginald James and YERBURY, Elizabeth Tyrrell