SADLER, Elizabeth and RICKARD, Philip Hendy
SALKIND, Dinah Rachel and CARR, Walter
SANDERS, Leslie George and BUSS, Jeanie Armour Elizabeth
SAUNDERS, Vera and RAYMOND, Harold William
SAWYER, George William and SAWYER, Sarah
SAWYER, Naomi Louisa and SCOTT, George
SAWYER, Sarah and SAWYER, George William
SCHOOLER, John and KNOX, Isabella
SCHOOLER, Murray and ROBSON, Isabella
SCHOOLER, Peter Knox and HASTIE, Jennett
SCHOOLING, Emily and MACK, William Fenwick
SCOTT, Archibald and GREIG, Isabella
SCOTT, Archibald and RANKINE, Marion Elizabeth
SCOTT, Elizabeth and MCCARTNEY, James
SCOTT, Elizabeth Mabel Gordon and GRAY, Thomas
SCOTT, George and BEATTIE, Helen
SCOTT, George and CREELMAN, Isabella
SCOTT, George and DALGLEISH, Jane
SCOTT, George and MURRAY, Mary Darling
SCOTT, George and SAWYER, Naomi Louisa
SCOTT, Hannah Carr and TAYLOR, John
SCOTT, Ian Murray and RANKINE, Liebe Blair
SCOTT, James and BROWN, Margaret
SCOTT, James and SIME, Agnes
SCOTT, Jane Dalgleish and CROMBIE, George Black
SCOTT, Jean and TURNBULL, John
SCOTT, John Murray and MACKAY, Julia Tyrrell
SCOTT, Living and SHEARER, Living
SCOTT, Living and SOMERVILLE, Jessie
SCOTT, Malcolm and KEIL, Elizabeth Amy
SCOTT, Mary Helen Florence and HAY, Alexander Clive
SCOTT, Sarah and LAUGHLAND, David
SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish and BULLOCK, Mary
SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish and DUNLOP, Agnes
SCOTT, William and SHEPHERD, Agnes Margaret
SCOULER, Benjamin and MURRAY, Mary
SCOULER, Mary Isabella and RENTON, William
SCOULLER, William and FOORD, Agnes
SCRIMGEOUR, Helen and AITKEN, Thomas
SELMES, Henry George and GROUT, Letitia Edwina
SHAND, Helen and FORBES, James
SHARPLES, Benjamin and JACKSON, Catherine
SHAW, Helen Southworth and ENDICOTT, William
SHAW, Winifred Mabel and MURRAY, Frederick Charles Stuart
SHEARER, Jessie Catherine and RAYMOND, Alfred John
SHEARER, Living and SCOTT, Living
SHEARER, Thomas and HARROWER, Jessie
SHEDDEN, Agnes Porter and DICK, John
SHEDDEN, William and MILLAR, Margaret
SHEDDEN, William and PORTER, Mary Ann
SHELFORD, Adelaide Louisa and WATSON, John
SHELFORD, Flora Elizabeth and HARVEY, John
SHELFORD, Leonard and GRIGSON, Ellen
SHELFORD, Thomas and BAIRD, Jessie Fullarton
SHELFORD, Thomas and LAWRIE, Flora Hastings
SHELFORD, Thomas Lawrie and BIRD, Charlotte Maria
SHELFORD, William Heard and SNAPE, Emily Frost
SHELFORD, William, K.C.M.G. and SOPWITH, Anna
SHEPHERD, Agnes Margaret and SCOTT, William
SHEPHERD, George and WHITE, Agnes
SHEPHERD, Living and LAWRIE, Living
SHEPHERD, William Ramage and EDWARDS, Agnes Catherine
SHEPPARD, Alice Minna and MURRAY, Abijah
SHEPPARD, David Arthur and KIPPIN, Matilda Brazier
SHIACH, George and KEIL, Janet
SHIACH, Harriet Maria and MITCHELL, Peter
SHIACH, Isabella and MCKAY, George
SHIACH, James and MURDOCH, Margaret
SHIACH, Jane Ann and MCKAY, Robert
SHIACH, Violet and PROUD, Robert
SHIACH, William and CARMICHAEL, Margaret
SHIACH, William and DOGHERTY, Jane
SHIACH, William and MURRAY, Margaret Riach
SHIACH, William and SMITH, Jane
SHORT, Edward and BELL, Elizabeth
SHORT, Margaret Elizabeth and MCCAUL, Archibald
SHORT, Thomas and SIMS, Edith Ann
SHURDON, Mary and SMITH, Thomas
SIDGWICK, John Algernon and MACKESON, Laura Louisa
SIDGWICK, John Keen and WHAITES, Harriette
SIME, Agnes and SCOTT, James
SIMON, Sarah and HOOD, Hugh
SIMPSON, Alexander and MCPHAIL, Janet
SIMPSON, Amelia and DARRANT, Living
SIMPSON, Donald and MCDONALD, Annie
SIMPSON, James and MACKENZIE, Isabella
SIMPSON, James and ROSS, Elspet
SIMPSON, Jane and BURNETT, Robert
SIMPSON, Living and MACKAY, Living
SIMS, Ann and SIMS, Charles
SIMS, Charles and SIMS, Ann
SIMS, Christopher Robert and GAMES, Elizabeth Tyrrell
SIMS, Edith Ann and SHORT, Thomas
SIMS, Edward and BRIDGES, Jane
SIMS, Hannah and HAPGOOD, George
SIMSON, Charles and MALCOLM, Margaret Hunter Clason
SIMSON, Charles and ROMANES, Margaret
SIMSON, Jane and RANKINE, John
SINCLAIR, Jane and THOM, John
SINCLAIR, Jean and JACK, William
SINGER, George and ANDERSON, Margaret
SINSBURGH, Ann Elizabeth and ORRELL, Thomas
SKELTON MD, Francis and WATSON, Frances
SKELTON, Isabella and LESLIE, William
SKINNER, Jane and REID, Charles
SKINNER, William and MACKIE, Janet
SKINNERS, Euphemia and HUTCHISON, James Horsburgh
SLOAN, Margaret and ALLERDICE, James
SLOANE, Marion and RANKINE, John
SMAIL, William and BARCLAY, Elizabeth Dunlop
SMART, Alice Maud and EIDMANS, Ernest Joseph
SMART, Margaret and RUFFELL, Alfred
SMILES, Christian Wilson and WHITE, William R
SMILES, Elizabeth and JERDAN, David
SMILES, George Thomson and SPENCE, Elizabeth
SMILES, Janet and NICHOLS, Samuel Augustus
SMILES, Robert Wilson and EWART, Jean
SMILES, Robert Wilson and MURRAY, Bethia
SMILES, Samuel and DIXON, Sarah Anne Holmes
SMILES, Samuel and WILSON, Janet
SMITH, Agnes and MCKENZIE, John
SMITH, Alexander and CROOKALL, Ann Rankine
SMITH, Andrew and BERTRAM, Helen
SMITH, Anne Maria and TYRRELL, James John
SMITH, Catherine and MCPHAIL, Thomas William Nicholson
SMITH, Charles and PROUD, Sybella
SMITH, Charles John and MORRIS, Alice Jane Lydia
SMITH, Charles Josiah and MACK, Margaret Baker
SMITH, Francis and REID, Isabellla
SMITH, Helen and GOURLAY, James Hill
SMITH, Helen and SUTHERLAND, Donald
SMITH, James and BYERS, Agnes
SMITH, James and CAMPBELL, Eliza
SMITH, Jane and SHIACH, William
SMITH, Jessie and SMITH, John
SMITH, John and SMITH, Jessie
SMITH, Lewis and KEIL, Margaret
SMITH, Living and DELAHUNT, Bertrand Percy
SMITH, Lucy and REGGLER, William
SMITH, Mary and ALEXANDER, James
SMITH, Mary and DONALD, Robert
SMITH, Peter Proud and MACKAY, Emma Yerbury
SMITH, Samual Sibbald and RUFFELL, Alice Maud
SMITH, Thomas and SHURDON, Mary
SMITH, William and LAMMIE, Agnes
SNAPE, Emily Frost and SHELFORD, William Heard
SNOW, Frederick William and BARNETT-CONWAY, Maud Ethel
SOMERVILLE, Jessie and SCOTT, Living
SOMMERVILLE, Agnes Eddington and HUTCHESON, Ernest Augustus Archibald
SOPWITH, Anna and SHELFORD, William, K.C.M.G.
SORENSON, Marcus and BUSS, Florence
SOUTER, Eliza and BATEMAN, John
SOUTHCOTT, Roseanna Mary and BEER, Matthew Albert
SPAFFORD, Ann and WOOD, John
SPARKS, Cecilia and LIVINGSTONE, Andrew
SPEAK, Living and MACKAY, Living
SPEIRS, Mary and BROADFOOT, George
SPENCE, Elizabeth and SMILES, George Thomson
SPENCER, Eliza and LAYCOCK, William
STACEY, Alfred Richard and DAWSON, Clara
STACEY, Ham and ELSTON, Elizabeth Grace
STACEY, Helena Francis and RICKARD, Frank G
STACEY, John William and JENNINGS, Sarah Ann
STACEY, Thomas James and HUGHES, Frances
STACEY, Walter Henry and GUIVER, Annie
STANLEY, Robert and ALSFORD, Mary
STANLEY, Robert and COLE, Elizabeth
STARK, Andrew and PROCTOR, Catherine Hannah
STATHAM, Nellie Susannah and ALSFORD, Alfred Ernest
STEEL, Isabella and HUTCHISON, William Fairburn
STEELE, Margaret and DONALDSON, James
STEELE, Robert and DARLING, Isabella Stevens
STENHOUSE, Andrew and HAY, Isabella
STENHOUSE, David and PHILP, Christian
STENHOUSE, David Martin and ROPER, Eliza
STENHOUSE, Grace Philp and YERBURY, Edward Reuben
STENHOUSE, Helen and PHILP, James
STEPHEN, Dorathea Young and DARLING, William Noble
STEPHENSON, Living and BEER, John Geoffrey
STEVENS, David and DONALD, Christina
STEVENS, Harriot and BRABROOK, James
STEVENSON, Jane and CLARK, Michael
STEVENSON, Margaret Farquhar and AULD, James Young
STEWART, Alfred George and HOLLAND, Elizabeth Rebecca
STEWART, Duncan Darg and LAWSON, Agnes
STEWART, Isabella and CAMERON, Donald
STEWART, James Adair and AULD, Catherine Bain Miller
STEWART, Janet and DICK, Matthew Hadden
STEWART, Marion and RODGER, Robert
STEWART, Martha Harper and MCKILL, John Cunningham
STEWART, Mary and DICK, James
STEWART, Richard and ALEXANDER, Marion
STILL, Elizabeth and GUNNELL, Daniel
STOCKER, Mary and ALSFORD, Francis
STONE, Thomas Andrew and CUTHBERT, Williamina Clerk
STOPFORTH, Catherine and CROOKALL, William
STOTT, Carrie Cook and RANKINE, William Oswald Albert
STRAHAN, Kate and ALSFORD, William Louis
STUART, Betsy and MITCHELL, George
STUART, James Duff and JENKINS, Margaret
STUART, James Duff and LEAL, Helen Maria
STUART, James Duff and MCPHERSON, Ann Maria
STUART, Jessie Lind and KEIL, Alexander
STUART, Margaret and KEMP, Daniel
STUART, Mary Jane and GARDEN, Charles Edward
STUTTARD, Francis and HILLARY, Ellen
STUTTARD, Thomas and MANLEY, Ann
SUCKLING, Ellen Maria and MARIGOLD, James
SUMMERFIELD, Rosina Maria and DENMAN, George Abbey
SUMNER, Ethel Mary and BEER, Montague Oliphant Alexander
SUTHERLAND, Catharine and ELDER, William
SUTHERLAND, Donald and SMITH, Helen
SUTHERLAND, Elizabeth and TYRRELL, Walter
SUTHERLAND, Margaret and INNES, Robert
SUTHERLAND, Mary Ann and TYRRELL, James Frederick
SWAIN, Henrietta and CLARK, Adam Rankine Gibson
SWEDEN, Mary and LECKIE, Adam
SWIEREZEWSKI, Emma Rosina and MOODY, William James
SYDES, Hilda Mary and MURRAY, Abijah
SYMINGTON, Marianne and CLARK, John