YERBURY, David Stenhouse and DANIELS, Living
YERBURY, Edward Reuben and LIEF, Eleanor
YERBURY, Edward Reuben and STENHOUSE, Grace Philp
YERBURY, Edward Reuben and TAYLOR, Living
YERBURY, Edward Reuben and TYRRELL, Emma
YERBURY, Eleanor May and MAY, Walter Tyrrell
YERBURY, Elizabeth Tyrrell and RUSSELL, Reginald James
YERBURY, Living and COULL, Living
YERBURY, Living and HANN, Living
YERBURY, Samuel George and JONES, Charlotte Constance
YOUNG, Betty and HALL, Thomas
YOUNG, Elizabeth and CUTHBERT, James Clark
YOUNG, Elizabeth Goldie and ALLERDICE, William
YOUNG, Hector and FALCONER, Margaret
YOUNG, Isabella and AULD, Robert
YOUNG, Isobel and CARMICHAEL, James
YOUNG, Janet and AULD, David
YOUNG, Janet Thomson L and HALL, John
YOUNG, Living and DARRANT, John
YOUNG, Mister and ANDREW, Janet Margaret
YOUNG, Thomas and ADAMS, Margaret
YOUNG, William and ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Mackay