BAIRD, Agnes Rankine and NAYLOR, Frederick
BAIRD, Clara and BAIRD, John Cumming
BAIRD, George and ORRELL, Elizabeth
BAIRD, Henry and RANKINE, Eliza Jane
BAIRD, James Henry Mackie and MAGEE, Living
BAIRD, John Cumming and BAIRD, Clara
BAIRD, Living and BRITNELL, Living
BAIRD, Minnie Rankine and JOHNSTON, William
BALMER, Living and MCCLELLAND, Living
BALSDON, Living and LAWRIE, Living
BARCLAY, Margaret and RANKINE, James
BATEMAN, Emily Amelia and TYRRELL, Henry John
BEATTIE, Helen and SCOTT, George
BEATTIE, John and HALL, Cicily
BEATTIE, Robert and MILLAR, Isabella Cowden
BEATTIE, Thomas and MILLER, Agnes
BEATTIE, William and DAVIDSON, Janet
BEER, Elizabeth and BEER, James Thomas
BEER, Esther Maria and MORRIS, Richard
BEER, Ethel Caroline and COPE, George James
BEER, Frank Arthur Raymond and REYNOLDS, Rose Elizabeth
BEER, George Frederick and PROCTOR, Catherine Hannah
BEER, Grace Anne and KENNETT, Leonard Harry
BEER, Henry and BROOKS, Mary Jane
BEER, James Thomas and BEER, Elizabeth
BEER, James Thomas and DODMAN, Elizabeth
BEER, James William Charles and ADAMS, Ursula
BEER, John and REGGLER, Eliza Isabella
BEER, John Geoffrey and STEPHENSON, Living
BEER, Kathleen Marjorie and PIGGOTT, William Leonard
BEER, Living and BELL, Living
BEER, Living and BUNCE, George Douglas
BEER, Living and DUNNE, Living
BEER, Living and LEWIS, Living
BEER, Mark and HAYES, Caroline Ellen
BEER, Mary Jane and ELSTON, Edward
BEER, Mary Jane and KUHL, Christian
BEER, Matthew Albert and SOUTHCOTT, Roseanna Mary
BEER, Matthew and MARTIN, Emily Stevens
BEER, Matthew and WILLIAMS, Ann
BEER, Montague Oliphant Alexander and SUMNER, Ethel Mary
BEER, Montague Oliphant Alexander and WALL, Living
BEER, Raymond and KNOWLES, Mollie Russell
BEER, Raymond and MCCAUSLAND, Living
BEER, Raymond and WALLIS, Living
BEER, Sydney Samuel and MABEY, Sarah Ann
BEER, William Alfred and TEASEL, Emily
BEER, William and TYRRELL, Jane Sophia
BEER, Winifred Elizabeth and DYER, Owen Richard Mears
BELL, Annie and RANKINE, John
BELL, Living and BEER, Living
BENNETT, Living and RANKINE, Living
BERRIE, George Lamont and MURRAY, Isabella Darling
BILL, Mr. and TYRRELL, Diane
BIRCH, William Thomas and TYRRELL, Rose
BLACKLEDGE, Harry Oswald and DEARDEN, Living
BLACKLEDGE, Henry Whittle and RANKINE, Emily Hillary
BLACKLEDGE, John Barclay and CROPPER, Living
BLACKLEDGE, Living and BOOCOCK, Living
BLACKLEDGE, Living and CASTLE, Living
BLACKLEDGE, Ronald R and PEARSON, Living
BLACKLEDGE, Will and LORD, Living
BLACKLEDGE, William Rankine and DICKENS, Harriet
BLAIR, James and LYON, Anne
BLAIR, Janet and MCGROUTHER, Archibald
BLAIR, John and BYERS, Agnes
BLAIR, John and MILLER, Janet
BLAIR, Margaret and ALEXANDER, James
BLUMSTEIN, Living and TYRRELL, Living
BODEN, Living and RANKINE, Living
BOOCOCK, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Living
BOOCOCK, Living and RANKINE, Edith Annie
BOSWELL, Living and FOSTER, Douglas Bruce
BRAND, Robert Thomson and MCKENZIE, Elizabeth
BRIERLEY, Emma Jane and RANKINE, William Hartley
BRITNELL, Living and BAIRD, Living
BROOKS, Mary Jane and BEER, Henry
BROWN, Alexander and MCKENZIE, Sarah
BROWN, John and RANKINE, Margaret Romanes
BROWN, William and MILLIGAN, Margaret Peggy
BRYCE, Isobel Elizabeth and MACKAY, Stanley Tyrrell
BULLOCK, Mary and SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish
BUNCE, George Douglas and BEER, Living
BYERS, Agnes and BLAIR, John