CALDWELL, Margaret and ALEXANDER, William
CAMPBELL, Catherine and MACKAY, William
CARRAGHER, James and MILLS, Elizabeth
CARRAGHER, Martha and LAWSON, John
CASTLE, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Living
CLARK, Adam Rankine Gibson and SWAIN, Henrietta
CLARK, John and GIBSON, Sarah Ann Rankin
CLARK, John James and HAY, Janet
CLAYTON, George Wilfred and RANKINE, Emma Brierley
CLINTON, Elsie Lavinia and MURRAY, Edward
CONNOLLY, Living and MCCAUL, Living
CONNOR, James and RANKINE, Mary Lock
COPE, Daphne Anne Dennison and NORWELL, William Broadfoot
COPE, Felix Raymond and WINTERS, Dorothy Jane
COPE, George James and BEER, Ethel Caroline
COPE, Kenneth George and ALLEN, Pamela Doris
COPE, Living and MCKENNA, Living
COPE, Living and MOON, Living
COPE, Living and REYNOLDS, Living
CORDINGLEY, William and MILLIGAN, Mary Jane
COULL, Living and YERBURY, Living
COX, Living and TYRRELL, Living
CREELMAN, Isabella and SCOTT, George
CREELMAN, John and TURNER, Mary Pringle
CREELMAN, William and MERSHALL, Elizabeth
CROMBIE, George Black and SCOTT, Jane Dalgleish
CROMPTON, Betty and ORRELL, John
CROPPER, Living and BLACKLEDGE, John Barclay
CROSS, Living and HOWLING, Living
CULLINGWORTH, Sarah Ann and TYRRELL, Arthur Mould
CULPAN, Elizabeth and RANKINE, Oswald Barclay
CUMMING, Agnes and RANKINE, Adam
CUTHBERT, Bertha May and GRAY, Norman
CUTHBERT, Elizabeth Margaret and RAYMOND, Alfred Leoline
CUTHBERT, Euphemia Macconnell and MAXWELL, Samuel John
CUTHBERT, Nellie Marion and ILLINGWORTH, Robert
CUTHBERT, William and MURRAY, Helen
CUTHBERT, Williamina Clerk and STONE, Thomas Andrew