DALGLEISH, Jane and SCOTT, George
DALRYMPLE, Quintin and MCCONNELL, Catherine
DANIELS, Living and YERBURY, David Stenhouse
DARLING, Margaret Brown and MURRAY, Alexander
DAVIDSON, Janet and BEATTIE, William
DE BEER, Living and HOWARD, Living
DEARDEN, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Harry Oswald
DELAHUNT, Alice Ethel and MACKAY, William James Tyrrell
DENHAM, Kenneth Percy and RANKINE, Living
DENHAM, Living and ALDOUS, Living
DENMAN, Living and TYRRELL, Arthur
DENNING, Nyria Elsie and MURRAY, Samuel James
DERBYSHIRE, Elizabeth and PICKBURN, Frederick George Alexander
DICK, George and ALEXANDER, Mary Ann
DICKENS, Harriet and BLACKLEDGE, William Rankine
DODMAN, Elizabeth and BEER, James Thomas
DRYBROUGH, Living and RAE, Dorothy Rankine
DUNLOP, Agnes and SCOTT, Walter Dalgleish
DUNLOP, Jessie and RANKINE, John
DUNNE, Living and BEER, Living
DYER, Owen Richard Mears and BEER, Winifred Elizabeth