LAING, William and MURRAY, Elizabeth
LAMIE, Mabel Kathleen and MACKAY, Alfred Gladstone
LAWRIE, Charles Malcolm and MURRAY, Heather
LAWRIE, Living and BALSDON, Living
LAWRIE, Living and PITT, Living
LAWRIE, Living and POULDEN, Living
LAWRIE, Living and RODIER, Living
LAWRIE, Living and SHEPHERD, Living
LAWRIE, Living and WAGNER, Living
LAWSON, Agnes and STEWART, Duncan Darg
LAWSON, Edwin John and HATCHER, Florence Elizabeth
LAWSON, Elizabeth Ann and MACK, Robert Ellice
LAWSON, John and CARRAGHER, Martha
LAWSON, Louisa Martha and RANKINE, Adam
LAWSON, Robert and KIRK, Ann
LAWSON, Williamina Jane and MCLEAN, William Walker Laroche, Mrcse Lrcpl Lsa Dph
LEBURN, Elizabeth and RANKINE, Henry
LEE, Living and TYRRELL, John
LEWIS, Living and BEER, Living
LINTON, Margaret and RAE, James
LINTON, Samuel and MCMURRIE, Mary
LIVINGSTONE, Mary Ann and RANKINE, William
LLOYD, Mary-Alice and RANKINE, Living
LORD, Living and BLACKLEDGE, Will
LUMLEY, Coughlin and MILLIGAN, Frances
LYON, Anne and BLAIR, James