MABEY, Sarah Ann and BEER, Sydney Samuel
MACASKIE, Living and MACKAY, Walter Tyrrell
MACDIARMID, Grace and MURRAY, Abijah
MACK, Robert Ellice and LAWSON, Elizabeth Ann
MACKAY, Alfred Gladstone and LAMIE, Mabel Kathleen
MACKAY, Catherine and ELDER, John
MACKAY, Elizabeth and JACK, James
MACKAY, Elizabeth Orrell and ALEXANDER, John
MACKAY, Emma Yerbury and SMITH, Peter Proud
MACKAY, Julia Tyrrell and SCOTT, John Murray
MACKAY, Living and NEWLAND, Susan
MACKAY, Living and RANGECROFT, Living
MACKAY, Living and SIMPSON, Living
MACKAY, Living and SPEAK, Living
MACKAY, Living and VAN NIEKIRK, Living
MACKAY, Lizzie Tyrrell and WHITIE, Alexander
MACKAY, Morna Isobel and MCCLELLAND, Living
MACKAY, Sheila Hamilton and WHELAN, Living
MACKAY, Stanley Tyrrell and BRYCE, Isobel Elizabeth
MACKAY, Walter Tyrrell and MACASKIE, Living
MACKAY, Walter Tyrrell and PARTINGTON, Adelaide Caroline
MACKAY, William and CAMPBELL, Catherine
MACKAY, William and HENDERSON, Catherine
MACKAY, William and ORRELL, Mary Ann
MACKAY, William and TYRRELL, Julia
MACKAY, William James Tyrrell and DELAHUNT, Alice Ethel
MACKAY, William James Tyrrell and MOORE, Lillian May
MAGEE, Living and BAIRD, James Henry Mackie
MARTIN, Emily Stevens and BEER, Matthew
MASON, Isabella Yates and RANKINE, William
MAXWELL, Samuel John and CUTHBERT, Euphemia Macconnell
MAY, Emma and MURRAY, John
MAY, James and TYRRELL, Elizabeth
MAY, Walter Tyrrell and YERBURY, Eleanor May
MCAULEY, Ann and TEARE, Philip
MCCAUL, Agnes and RICHARDSON, Robert
MCCAUL, John and MURRAY, Margaret Glass
MCCAUL, Living and CONNOLLY, Living
MCCAUL, Margaret Glass and TANNER, Richard
MCCAUL, Mary Darling and HOWLING, Arthur Egbert
MCCAUSLAND, Living and BEER, Raymond
MCCLELLAND, Living and BALMER, Living
MCCLELLAND, Living and MACKAY, Morna Isobel
MCCLELLAND, Living and RUSSELL, Living
MCCONNELL, Arthur and RAE, Catherine
MCCONNELL, Arthur and WOOD, Agnes
MCCONNELL, Catherine and DALRYMPLE, Quintin
MCCONNELL, Euphemia and MURRAY, John
MCCONNELL, Frances and MILLIGAN, Alexander
MCCUBBIN, James and RANKINE, Marion
MCGILL, Marion and RANKINE, James
MCGILTON, Living and MURRAY, William Bill
MCGROUTHER, Archibald and BLAIR, Janet
MCKENNA, Living and COPE, Living
MCKENZIE, Elizabeth and BRAND, Robert Thomson
MCKENZIE, John and SMITH, Agnes
MCKENZIE, Sarah and BROWN, Alexander
MCKENZIE, William and PHILLIPS, Mary
MCKENZIE, William and PIEL, Sarah
MCLEAN, William Walker Laroche, Mrcse Lrcpl Lsa Dph and LAWSON, Williamina Jane
MCLETCHIE, Thomas and MILLAR, Janet
MCMURRIE, Mary and LINTON, Samuel
MCRINKINE, James and RINNIE, Bethia
MCRINKINE, James and ROSS, Margaret
MCWATT, Margaret and MURRAY, William
MERSHALL, Elizabeth and CREELMAN, William
MERSHALL, Peter and RATHEY, Agnes
MILLAR, Isabella Cowden and BEATTIE, Robert
MILLAR, James and INGRAM, Janet
MILLAR, Janet and MCLETCHIE, Thomas
MILLAR, Margaret Barclay and WATSON, Alexander
MILLAR, Robert and RANKINE, Elizabeth
MILLAR, Thomas and RANKINE, Margaret
MILLER, Agnes and BEATTIE, Thomas
MILLER, Andrew and PATERSON, Janet
MILLER, Janet and BLAIR, John
MILLER, William and ARBUTHNOT, Margaret
MILLIGAN, Alexander and MCCONNELL, Frances
MILLIGAN, Alexander and NILES, Mary Jemima
MILLIGAN, Frances and LUMLEY, Coughlin
MILLIGAN, George and RANKINE, Janet Simson
MILLIGAN, Margaret Peggy and BROWN, William
MILLIGAN, Mary Jane and CORDINGLEY, William
MILLS, Elizabeth and CARRAGHER, James
MOLONY, Elsie Edith and RANKINE, Adam Douglas
MOON, Living and COPE, Living
MOORE, Lillian May and MACKAY, William James Tyrrell
MORRIS, Alice Jane Lydia and SMITH, Charles John
MORRIS, Richard and BEER, Esther Maria
MORRISEY, Living and TYRRELL, Living
MORTON, Jane and TYRRELL, Walter
MOSS, Elizabeth and RANKINE, John Thomas
MOULD, Mary and TYRRELL, William Moon
MUIR, Helen and RANKINE, John
MUNDY, Jeanie and MURRAY, George
MURRAY, Abijah and MACDIARMID, Grace
MURRAY, Abijah and MURRAY, Elizabeth
MURRAY, Abijah and SHEPPARD, Alice Minna
MURRAY, Abijah and SYDES, Hilda Mary
MURRAY, Alan Darb and FORD, Living
MURRAY, Alexander and DARLING, Margaret Brown
MURRAY, Alexander and GLASS, Margaret
MURRAY, Annie Darling and PICKBURN, Frederick George
MURRAY, Bethia and SMILES, Robert Wilson
MURRAY, Ebenezer and HUTCHISON, Christina Crawford
MURRAY, Ebenezer and PATTERSON, Ellen
MURRAY, Edward and CLINTON, Elsie Lavinia
MURRAY, Elizabeth and HALL, Andrew Aikman
MURRAY, Elizabeth and LAING, William
MURRAY, Elizabeth and MURRAY, Abijah
MURRAY, Elizabeth and PROUDFOOT, William
MURRAY, Frederick Charles Stuart and SHAW, Winifred Mabel
MURRAY, George and JACK, Jean
MURRAY, George and MUNDY, Jeanie
MURRAY, Heather and LAWRIE, Charles Malcolm
MURRAY, Helen and CUTHBERT, William
MURRAY, Isabella Darling and BERRIE, George Lamont
MURRAY, James Darling and HIRST, Diana Harriet
MURRAY, John and MAY, Emma
MURRAY, John and MCCONNELL, Euphemia
MURRAY, Laura Dod and GRANT-TAYLOR, William
MURRAY, Living
MURRAY, Living and HURREY, Geoffrey Charles
MURRAY, Living and INSTRELL, Living
MURRAY, Living and KNYVETT, Living
MURRAY, Margaret Glass and MCCAUL, John
MURRAY, Mary Darling and SCOTT, George
MURRAY, Robert Graham and ROWLEY, Frances Florence
MURRAY, Samuel James and DENNING, Nyria Elsie
MURRAY, William and MCWATT, Margaret
MURRAY, William Bill and GEER, May Ann
MURRAY, William Bill and MCGILTON, Living