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Welcome to my new web site, my name is Niall Rankine Scott.
I was born just after the war (a bulge baby!) to Dr.Ian Murray Scott and Mrs. Liebe Blair Rankine Scott who set up the family home in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, Scotland in January 1946 where my father became one of the local G.P.s and where they lived for the rest of their lives, hence the name of the site title.

Although this site started out to display my family tree, I found out that there was so much more I wanted to share. I only started researching the family history in October 2009 but with the help of many other enthusiasts and the web I've had an amazing time so far. For this reason I am building this site as an ongoing record of my journey and some of the things I've learnt along the way.

As you can see from the menu at the side the site is starting off with 7 sections. Not all of which have any content at present.

My Journey
Here I hope to document my experiences tracking my ancestors, illustrating some highs and lows, techniques etc.

Tips & Tricks
This will deal mainly with some of the searching techniques, I have learnt.

Links to other useful websites

Trees (Direct & Full Family)
The site started off in 2009 just showing a simple tree of my ancestors, this grew so rapidly that I eventually split the tree into my Direct Family and my Full Family. These sites are generated by software from the data held on my home computer but as such are limited in scope.

Family Notes
I hope to tell the stories of some my more notable ancestors, the history surrounding them and generally tell their stories in a less factual way than with the normal trees. By notable, I mean those that did something with their lives. I have to say here and now that so far I haven't found any proven links to Royalty or Nobility or any really famous people, mind you it depends on your definition of famous. I have however found out how interesting 'normal' people can be and there are some tantalising possible connections which are one step away from proof.

This has replaced the unused Miscellaneous page and will contain updated data and error corrections.

Some of the information may appear in more than one place if I think it's better to do that than put in a link.