Niall's General Links
    Connected to Edinburgh? Lived there? Relations from there? Interested in Photography? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you must visit this site. It's brilliant!
Scottish Maps
    On line maps of Scotland, Scottish Counties, Towns, Coasts and much more! From 1560!!!
Measuring Worth
    Adam Rankine died in Dumfries in 1859 and and when his belongings were inventoried the total was 2268 6s 3d.
But how much is that actually??
That's what this site is for, I entered the amount that I wanted to check, the start year and the end year and clicked the button . Presto it calculates the value.
And in my case the answer was 1,530,000.00! calculated using the rise in average earnings. Pity I didn't get any of it, it was a bit before my time.

Currency Converter
    The National Archives Currency Converter
The same example as above gives a value of 132,764.33
I think I prefer the Measuring Worth site 

Victorian Occupations
    A collection of the occupations or job descriptions of the people living in London in the 1890's.  Most of the descriptions are fairly self explanatory.

Scottish Occupations
    The occupations and daily work of our Scottish ancestors have changed as trades, industries and professions have come and gone over hundreds of years.
This site has a list and description of about 500 unusual occupations, jobs and work found on 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th century records, Census returns, and gravestone inscriptions in Scotland

Cindi's List
    An amazing site with MASSES of  links to everything you can think of to do with Genealogy.