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Where the **** is James?

I don't know when or where my 5x great grandfather was born but he married Jane Dalgleish in Minto, Roxburghshire in 1786. Again I don't know when he became schoolmaster there but at the birth of his first son, James, that is the occupation given :-
'George Scott Schoolmaster of Minto had a son born 24th of May 1788 & baptized the 29th of July following - James'

There followed 3 daughters Jean (1789-1859), Margaret (1797-1867) and Betty (1807 -) and a further 3 sons, Simon (1792-1871), George (1794-1857) and Walter Dalgleish(1800 - 1852).

After 14 months of researching the family history I had accounted for

Jean - married and moved to Edinburgh
Simon - a clerk who died a pauper
George my 4x great grandfather
Margaret - never married and died in 1867
Walter - an Advertising agent - I will try and tell his story later.

So that left us with the oldest and youngest unaccounted for and I couldn't find any trace of them. I had found Margaret and mother Jane in the 1841 census so I decided that James and Betsy had either moved away or died.

Then on my second visit to EdinburghI found 5xGG had died in 1834 and left a will written in 1826. I read it when I was in Scotland's People and took notes, luckily I also downloaded a copy of it.

Although I had already worked my way through the family from George, this year I decided to review everything I had, and document everything independent of the web so that I could pass my research on to someone else. As part of that process I re-read the George's will and and realised that he refers to Betty's indisposition which appears fairly serious as it looks as though he doesn't expect her to recover, so I'm pretty sure she was dead before '41.

Luckily James is also mentioned, 'James Scott residing at Kingsdale in Fife ', so he was alive in 1826, but try searching for a James Scott in Scotland - 643 in the 1841 census and nothing to distinguish mine and would he still be inKingsdale, wherever that is in 1841.

Working through George & Jane's family I didn't find anything new, I just confirmed what I had already found out. Then I came to Walter's family :-
I reread Walter's will and found 'my brother James, Clerk of Works, William Burn, Architect, Edinburgh' ', I had obviously skipped over this when I read it the first time. So now I knew his occupation and as the will was written in 1852, that he was in Edinburgh in '52.

So now where do we go? As I'd had success with wills, I thought why not? So off to Scotland's People, Plug in James Scott 1851-1888 (well we don't know when he died ), scroll through and find one promising candidate

now I didn't want to spend £5.00 on the off chance that this was the correct guy so how could I check? The only Skerryvore that I know of is the Skerryvore Lighthouse off Tiree but could this be him. A look on the internet seemed to say that I was right, the only Skerryvore is the lighthouse and while I was searching around I found a Web Site devoted to Islands of Tiree & Coll so I fired of a query to the webmaster who wrote back confirming that the Skerryvore Works on Tiree was solely for the building of the Skerryvore Lighthouse. In addition he had found a James Scott, mason and his family at the Skerryvore Works, Hynish.

Promising, but I'm a true Scot and live in Aberdeen to boot, so I was still reluctant to spend £5.00, then I realised that if there was a will then he must have died, (quick off the mark aren't I?) so back to Scotland's People and there sure enough was a James Scott died 1863 in Edinburgh, a quick expenditure of 5 credits proved that this was NOT my relative. DAMN! At least it cost me less that £5.00!!!

Back to the drawing board, now luck plays it's part. I went back to Ancestry to look for Jame Scottsin the censuses and got a hit in 1851 so clicked on it, whoops it was England not Scotland, but it led me to a James Scott(62) with a wife called Agnes(58) and two girls Margaret(27) & Jane Margaret (19) all from Scotland and James's occupation is given as Clerk of Works - Builder, could this be him!

So into IGI and look for a marriage between James Scott & Agnes in 1822 +-2 (I take the age of the oldest child -2 and use a range of +-2, if I don't get a hit then I try -5 and +-5 and so on) .
Guessing that the marriage probably took place in Edinburgh or the Borders I got two likely marriages

out of 13 hits.
11 is to Agnes Sime and 12 to Agnes Baxter

So I started with James & Agnes Sime, using FamilySearch I looked for children of this pairing, and BINGO.

Two things stand out, a birth in Fife and at no 4 we have a daughter Jane Dalgleish Scott, James's mother maiden name was Jane Dalgleish!
OK but where is Kennoway and what is it's relationship to the Kingsdale mentioned in father George's will. A quick look on Google maps and it turns out that Kingsdale is on the outskirts of Kennoway!, looking very good.

But we also have a conundrum, ignoring the top two entries which are LDS submitted records we have entries for 3 x George Scotts
3. Christening 20 Nov 1826 Edinburgh
4. Birth 16 Oct 1826 - Christening 20 Nov 1826 Kennoway
5. Christening 20 Nov 1826 Kennoway
So are we talking about one hell of a coincidence two, George Scott's born to parents with the same name and christened on the same day on different sides of the River Forth, or what?

Back to the Family History Centre and the OPRs.
First I looked up the marriage of James Scott & Agnes Sime and IGI gave me
Name : James Scott
Sex : Male
Spouse : Agnes Sime
Marriage : 05 Jan 1823 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
which doesn't tell much but looking up the actual OPR we get

 Scott and
   James Scott. Joiner, No4 Jamaica Street and Agnes Sime Daughter of John Sime, Shoemaker residing at Foot of Portsburgh have been three times proclaimed in order to Marriage in the Parish of Church of St. Cuthberts and no Objections have been offered ~

Much better, this doesn't confirm anything but it doesn't contradict anything, after all a Clerk of Works usually has a trade before being put in charge.

So on to the children
I looked at George first and try the Fife entry, IGI says

Sex : Male
Birth : 16 OCT 1826
Baptism : 20 NOV 1826 Kennoway, Fife, Scotland

Actual record says
 Novr 20.   James Scott residing in Kirklands & Agnes Sime his spouse had a son, born 19th Octr., baptd
George 10 Novr 1826

BINGO This matches father George's will, so we've probably got the right parents.

So who's the Edinburgh George, try no 3 first
Name : George Scott
Sex : Male
Father : James Scott
Mother : Agnes Sime
Baptism : 20 Nov 1826 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

This doesn't help at all so we'll try the other one
Name : George Scott
Sex : Male
Father : James Scott
Mother : Agnes Sime
Birth : 16 Oct 1826
Baptism : 20 Nov 1826 Kennoway, Fife, Scotland

Ahh! that's better, let's have a look at the actual record

 Scott James Scott, Clerk of Works, Residing at Kingsdale in the Parish of Kennoway and Agnes Sime his Spouse had a Son Born there on the Sixteenth day of October Eighteen hundred and twenty Six .. Named George
    Baptized on the Twentieth day of November thereafter by the Reverend James Grieg Minister of the Parish of Ballingray.
  The Birth of the said child is also registered in Parish Register of Kennoway

Goodness knows why James decided to register George's birth in Edinburgh, but thank goodness he did and that the Session Clerk was a good one.

Now I can safely say that this is my James Scott as I think the chances of two Clerks of Works with the same name living in the same place is NIL.

So on to the rest of the children.
Looking up Margaret we only find a LDS Member Submission, however in this case it's a good one as I did find her in the OPR Index.

 Scott James Scott Wright Aitkin Street and Agnes
           Sime his Spouse, had a daughter born
           8th. October last named ____________

And finally Jane Dalgleish, but when I looked up the OPR Index for her I got a surprise

The first one is as expected but the second one? Walter Dalgleish Scott is James's brother but who is Agnes Dunlop?

Anyway I went on and got Jane's birthdetails

 Scott  James Scott Clerk of Works Residing at Farinside in the Parish of Liberton and Agnes Sime his spouse had a Daughter born
there on the Second day of August last ________________Named 
 Jane Dalgleish
       Baptized on the Sixth day of September Current by the  Reverend Doctor David Dickson, One of the Ministers of the Parish  
So at least we have confirmation of James's occupation.


Finally I went back to the unexpected entry, I had Walter married to Mary Bullock in 1840 could this mariage have been his second.

 Walter Dalgleish Scott, General Agent, Residing in No.13,Annadale Street Leith Walk and Agnes Dunlop Residing in No.2 Hope Park both in this Parish Daughter of Archibald Dunlop, Coal Merchant there have been three times proclaimed in order to Marriage in the Parish Church of St.Cuthberts and no Objections have been offered
      Married on the Seventeenth day of December Current by the Reverend Doctor William Muir, Minister of St.Stephen's Church, edinburgh

This didn't really help, so let's look at the birth of Jane
 Scott  Mr Walter Dalgliesh Scott, Collector of Taxes, No.3 Middlesby Street and Mrs Agnes Dunlop his spouse had a Daughter born on the Twelth day of
February last _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Named
 Jane Dalgliesh

That's better, I already knew he was a Collector of Taxes at one point so this makes perfect sense, so now we can be pretty sure that he was married twice and there is another daughter to find.

However there is something else that needs investigation.
If he was a Clerk of Works then he probably travelled from job to job, so having a base for his family makes sense, but why did he park them in the middle of nowhere, relatively speaking? He had family living in Edinburgh and Cavers, so why Kennoway?

When I was looking at his son George, I found a George Scott (22), Ag. Lab. and his wife Mary living in Kilconquhar, Fifeshire. Now this is the same parish where James is noted as living in 1841. However the age is wrong and Ag. Lab. doesn't tally with Surgeon Dentist, so I had a quick look and there are heaps of Scotts born in the parish of Kennoway, so did the Scotts originally come from Fife and James was staying near relatives? The investigation will continue . . . .