This first group of people are those who I collaborate with all the time. Thanks to you all, we don't always agree, but do strike ideas of each other, which is magic.
Person Location Interest  
Kaye A. Australia Rankine Thanks, cuz, for all the family info you've sent me.
Ken R. Australia Murray, McCaul Sometime in Edinburgh, maybe.
Maggie S. Australia Mackay, Tyrrell, Delahunt, Orrell  
Geoff B. England Rankine  
Jacqui W. England same as me + Shearer You got me started, thanks
Leo H. England? Murray His website gave me a lot of info on the Murrays
Patty L. USA Allerdice However they are spelt !!!
Peter C. England Tyrrell Thanks for the corrections
Karin A. Canada Aitken I'll make the connection yet!
Carolyn I. Australia Murray  
Lucy H. Australia Murray  
Cathie N. Australia Kiel, Ruffell  
Nick T. England Tyrrells  

There are also a heap of people who have contacted me via Ancestry of individual problems, thanks guys.

Now a general thanks, this one goes out to the members of various Family History Societies, principally
Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society - you are all amazing, thank you.
Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society - thanks but please shut the music off, it drives me nuts:-)
but I must extend the appreciation to all the volunteers everywhere who have slaved to transcript all sorts of things and made them available to the rest of us.