What's New?

04 Apr 2011 Sorry for the delay in updating the site, but as you can see I have been busy catching up on ancestral links.
The site has got so big now that updates take a LOT of time to generate, check and update. I will try to keep updating it but I will have to see about splitting some of the pages as they are almost unuseable now.
Added 1318 individuals and 399 families to Indirect relations and 94 and 30 families to direct relations.
Corrected missing email from More Traditions as well as some other corrections.

23 Jan 2011 Added an item to Tips & Tricks | Advice | Searching Advice .
Added More Traditions and Where the **** is James? to My Journey.
Massive data update - added 55 families and 205 people to my Direct Family and 318 families and 1,193 people to my Indirect Family.
The Places pages have been completely rewritten.
Fixed problem with Tree IIndexes.
01 Jan 2011 To make up for the lack of updates recently, I've revisited the site and rebuilt the Trees Index pages. I have also replaced the citations in the facts page with popups, SO YOU NEED TO ALLOW POPUPS FROM THIS PAGE. Where you see Citations . . . just click on it a you will get the popup.
On the menu I've dropped the Notes, Sources and Relationship pages as they were kind of meaningless as stand alone pages.
Also below the menu on the left you will see a new item WORLDWIDE. Click it and you will see a page I just did which lists WHERE people logged in from 2010 - intriguing!
I hope this update works better that the last one.
24 Dec 2010 I'm sorry there hasn't been an update for a while but I've been researching the Tyrrells for a couple of months . However they wont' get added to the site yet as this would slow things down even more. I need to find away to speed up the Ancestry Pages before I add more people.
You might notice that the site has now had over 500 visitors, I'm chuffed, thank you all for visiting and saying those nice things about the site.
Added St. Giles Cathedral ? to My Journey
Changes the Miscellaneous Button to Updates/Errata and added a page for these
Repaired indirect people in Full Family
10 Nov 2010 Oops! Sorry, somehow the Trees for my Direct Family got missed out last update. This update corrects the problem.
24 Oct 2010 Well you might have noticed that I changed the opening page to this one, I was bored with the index page and all the changes are noted here so it does change.
Another couple of milestones passed this week, over 300 individual visitors and over 2000 page views (main pages).
Complete update of all data.
Added Getting down to IT  &   The Burns Connection to My Journey
27 Sep 2010 The site passed a milestone at the weekend, it had it's 250th visit.
Complete update of all data.
I've changed the way the Index of Places works. It's now split by Country, County, Town etc. I'm chuffed with this as it shows up relationships that I didn't know existed. - I didn't know two of my ancestor's lived across the street from each other
6 Sep 2010 Repaired Paternal and Maternal Ancestry view in Internet Explorer
Checked all the places data to ensure format, this will enable a better display of this data.
Split index of trees alphabetically
Added My Parents to both Direct & Full family memus. - Leads to the tree which shows my parents
31 Aug 2010 Added 'The Orrells' to Family Notes.
Split Links Page into 3 different categories
Acknowledgements updated
Updated main data
18 Aug 2010 Just a quick bug fix, comments page now working. Thanks for telling me Nick
7 Aug 2010 Added Tips & Tricks | Searching Step 1
Updated base data
Changed Index of Individuals to load faster
Removed Scholars from Occupations, to speed things up

3 Aug 2010 Just a quick update to fix another couple of bugs

27 Jul 2010 Only one day old and already an update!
Last night I figured out that I'd need this What's New page so that you knew when the site had been updated.
I've also added an Acknowledgements page as I've realized how much help I've had from other people.
I've also repaired a couple of broken links, some typos and a silly mistake where I substituted Walter for Thomas in the bit about the Orrells.
26 Jul 2010 New website launched.